Not of the same faith but we love each other

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Not of the same faith but we love each other

What can you say about my situation ” I am a catholic, my boyfriend is a born again Christian, 14 montths na po kami and he’s still not introducing me to his family because he is afraid of his mom, Her mom said kasi na¬† BAWAL ANG HINDI NILA KAFAITH?

I did a blog about this issue. Click here to read.

Secondly, I think any man who does not introduce the love of his life to his family is not the man you would want to marry. Why be with a man who can’t brag you to the world. Mahirap pakasalan ang mga ganung lalaki, sister!!!

Thirdly, the faith issue is a BIG issue. I could see a lot of disagreements and different value systems that might occur in the future. I just had a talk with a man recently who was in the same situation as you are. They tried to reconcile their faith but they couldn’t considering Catholics and “Born Again” has a lot of similar practices. Issues like where to go to church on a Sunday, what school are we sending our kids to? Exposing our kids to some Catholic practices and such…..

To sum it up, I don’t really recommend the set up you have now but I will do praying for both of you. Hope my answer helped.

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