How to move on from a long relationship?

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How to move on from a long relationship?

How can you move on from a relationship (not a short relationship, but for years)? How can you know if this is a test from God even though you have been praying for it and still the pain is still there months after?

First off it is never easy to move on from a relationship where you have invested heavily already.  The pain of letting someone go will always be there for a time ( some cope shorter , others would take years) So how do you move on?

There is no clear cut answer to your question but what I do want to encourage you to do is really to build your relationship with God. I have found that all that I need is found in Christ. His love and grace is more than sufficient to satisfy my longing for a relationship.

Could it be a test from God? Well I won’t exactly say yes but everything that happens in our life reveals something about us and our relationship with God. If for the longest time you have made your boyfriend/ girlfriend as your source of life instead of God, maybe God is redirecting you to make Him your source of life, encouragement and comfort.

I will be praying for you.

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