My Fiancee’s Ex Girlfriend can’t get over the past

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My Fiancee’s Ex Girlfriend can’t get over the past

Pastor, what is the Christian way of dealing with my soon-to-be husband’s ex girlfriend who cant move on and is still hoping to get back with my fiance… she irritates me so much because she tells a lot of people that God made him for her?

Well, what is the Christian way? There is nothing you can do about her feelings but you can do something about yours. I think both of us went through the same problem though mine was not an ex boyfriend but a suitor of my wife.

The Christian way is to find your security in Christ and ask for affirmation from your boyfriend that the girl should be a past issue for him and that he is in no way entertaining her through text, fb messages and the like. Once you enter into a relationship, both parties must have a commitment to stay true and pure to each other and not entertain other options.

On your question about her telling people that God told her that they were made for each other – i think it is no big deal. Everybody can say that but how could she really say that when he is with you.

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