My wife doesn’t respect me, how do I get respect back?

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My wife doesn’t respect me, how do I get respect back?

My wife has a problem in respecting me. I know I lost my leadership in the family that caused her to be like this. I’m trying my best but she always fights back. She is always right and I am always wrong. I tried talking to her but she wouldn’t listen. What will I do?

Respect is something that you earn brother. I don’t know the reason why she lost respect but you have to earn it back. Invest in your relationship with your wife. Woo her again. Never focus on who is right and wrong but focus on how I can restore this relationship. You might be thinking that she wants to lead the relationship but deep inside your wife is sick and tired of leading because you have lost control of leading the household.

They say talk is cheap. A woman has to know her man has some action plans. I suggest you get someone to help you get you back on your feet – maybe some men in church who have a successful marriage. Talk to them and ask how they are able to lead their family.

Also know this brother, even if you have failed your wife and family, you are still loved by God.

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