Dating Tips: Best Foot Forward

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Dating Tips: Best Foot Forward

One of the things that makes a dating relationship complex is that the suitor tends to put his best foot forward. What that means is that we kind of show a different man in the first few dates and reveal who we really are in the long run. Putting your best foot forward means to pretend to be someone you are not to impress a girl. Doing that shows a lot about who you really are.

Why play pretend when you can start the relationship with authenticity. Why dazzle a girl with a P1,000 plate when all you can afford is to bring her to a simple restaurant. Why pretend that you are an extrovert when you actually are an introvert.

I think women are looking for men who are authentic. It gives them a fair chance to decide whether to prolong the relationship or not and most of the time being authentic is something a woman looks for in a man.



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