More on my fiancee’s sexual past

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More on my fiancee’s sexual past

In relation to your blog about a fiancee’s sexual past, what if she’s had sexual relations with 8-10 different guys? if I’ve saved myself, is it normal to feel that it’s unfair? The thought that I won’t be the first imprint frustrates me.

Brother, you have to first understand – you choose to court and love this girl. You know her past and you know the things she has done. If you can’t live with it, I think it would put a strain in your relationship. It is unhealthy to have the feeling of frustration and negativity against your partner.

Love is a decision and not a feeling.

Also I do hope your fiancee is also sharing the same values as you have now. I hope both of you could talk about being sexually pure. Since it is something that you really value and what Scripture encourages us to practice – I hope it is something both of you agree on already.

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