I can’t fight this feeling anymore

Taking Manhood Back

I can’t fight this feeling anymore

Paano po ba mapigilan ang feeling ng pagkagusto sa isang guy? Nakaka distract po kasi sya lalo na po pag nag sisimba ako. Palagi ko din po siya naiisip.. Parang hindi na po tama

The Bible talks about the heart being deceitful so you have to guard it with all your heart. At the same time, I don’t want you not to acknowledge your feeling.

Here is a brotherly advice for women: Just wait!!! “Sister – if your pursue the man – you go against the grain of biblical womanhood” Women were created to be pursued and not to be the pursuer. The moment you pursue your man and he bites – you got yourself a GIRLFRIEND.You have deprived the man of your dreams to be a MAN. You have taken out the adventure he needs to go through. You have emasculated him and at the same time shortchange yourself because you pursued the man.

Love with both your head and your heart.

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