The Girl I want Earns more than I do

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The Girl I want Earns more than I do

I understand that a man’s role in a relationship is to lead his wife spiritually and provide financially to his family. How then do you court a woman more matured spiritually and earns bigger than you do?

First of all having a woman who earns more than you do doesn’t mean you can’t lead the girl. You cannot let money dictate leadership. It hasn’t really happen to me yet since my wife is a home school mom and we agreed as a couple forĀ  her to stay in that role. But in the case my wife would earn more which is probable in the future, I would count it as a blessing but it doesn’t mean I will slack down on my work. I will still work as hard as I do and lead by example and at the same time be grateful that God is also providing more thru my wife or in your case your girlfriend.

In terms of leading spiritually, I think the same principle applies. If the woman is more spiritual which is the case most of the time, it doesn’t mean you can’t lead it. Leadership is never about who is more talented or spiritual. Biblical leadership is based on trust, humility and servanthood. Though your partner maybe more spiritual, men should still initiate prayer times, talking about spiritual stuff. Lead even if she can do better. I’m glad my wife makes me lead the relationship though sometimes I think she can do better. I also try to improve on my leadership skills by reading on books on the subject matter.

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