Right love at the Right time

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Right love at the Right time

I’m confused.This year,I decided to set aside romantic love. Then two weeks ago,I felt the desire to pray for it.I dont know if it is the Holy Spirit who put the desire in my heart but I want to keep my covenant & wait.

I think all single people without the gift of celibacy desires to marry someday. I think God has put that in our hearts. I also believe we have seasons for love to be awaken according to Song of Songs.

I think there is nothing wrong with you having the desire and praying about it. My wife Thammie started praying while she was still in elementary. But to go ahead of God is different. You don’t need to entertain this year just because the desire is there.

On the other hand, I would also like to ask if you setting aside romantic love is a decision you made on your own thus giving you the limitations that you feel now or did you hear from God that you do need to set aside romantic love this year. If you did do it on your own, then I think you are also free to make a decision to undo the decision but if you sense that it was God telling you, then I would choose to obey.

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