Practical Tips in Overcoming Insecurities

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Practical Tips in Overcoming Insecurities

What are the practical things that you do when insecurities of life comes in?

The most practical thing is to find the root cause of your insecurity. Most of the time our insecurities is the byproduct of something in our life that we try to make as functional saviors instead of looking to Christ for security. Only Jesus is our source of security. He is called our rock, our fortress, our security and our stronghold. We are someone in Christ. We don’t need to prove ourselves to God. He loved us inspite of our insecurities thus making us secure in HIM.

Practical tips:

1. Read your Bible. Good for you to read Joshua.

2. Read personal development books like HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE and BE A PEOPLE PERSON.

3. Develop solid friendships. Have friends who would love you no matter what.