One room, one bed, just sleeping???

Taking Manhood Back

One room, one bed, just sleeping???

I know pre-marital sex is a sin. But is there anything wrong with just staying over at your partner’s house? In one room, in one bed, just sleeping?

I think there are some things that are not technically sin but they are foolish and stupid. In short it is not the wisest thing to do. I would not put myself in a tempting situation if I really want to stay pure and holy.

I also cannot just sleep. Well this is just me. If I am with my girlfriend in one room and one bed – unless I was drugged to sleep, I think something might happen. You see in situations like these, I don’t trust myself. I would never trust myself. Until now even if I am married.

PS: I also made it a practice not to sleep with anyone whether they are of the same sex in one bed. I think in this age and time, it is not the wisest thing to do!!!

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