Attracted to a Homosexual, what do I do?

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Attracted to a Homosexual, what do I do?

01homosexuality1If you’re really attracted to a girl but the girl is in a homosexual relationship for over 4 years now, would you still pursue her? If she shows mixed feelings (sometimes she’s warm, sometimes she rejects you) would you still go for it?

If she is still in a homosexual relationship, why would you want to pursue her. She must first settle that with God before you get into that relationship.

In response to the pursuit of a girl in a homosexual relationship, if you could be an instrument of God to set her ways straight, then would pursuing her be a good idea? If the way that she becomes straight is through a guy, hindi ba sayang?

First of all, you are not God and we can never play God. You can never change her only God can do that. If your intent is to pursue her, it is something you need to decide but remember to stick to your decision. She won’t get straight because of a guy, she can only be transformed by having an encounter with Christ. And just my opinion, nothing personal but I think by you thinking that you can make her straight is just too much for you to handle. I think you need also to straighten out your perspective.


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