Bestfriend with EX

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Bestfriend with EX

Okay I am answering two questions today:

Is it okay to be friends with your ex’s? Is it wise?

If you are a married person – ask your spouse and see his/her response. It depends on what friendship level you are pertaining but to be friends like before without the romantic stuff is really not wise. If I am your spouse, I would feel awkward every time he talks to you or calls you and even messages you in FB.

Me and my boyfriend are going through a lot of problems right now and his friend (a guy also) is always comforting me…what should I do?

I guess you are asking this because you feel like the guy has feelings for you or you are falling for your boyfriend’s friend. You are in a sticky and tough situation. Ask yourself first, why are you allowing another guy to comfort you? Not only is it not wise but in some ways a little inappropriate because you are committed to someone already.

The ball is in your hands sister. What you allow is what you will receive. Don’t play on both sides of the court. Stick with your commitment and if you can’t talk to your boyfriend and end it.



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