Not Yet Financially Stable but Wanting to Marry

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Not Yet Financially Stable but Wanting to Marry

Is it wise to marry the girl you believe God’s gift for you want to be with for the rest of your life but still you are not yet financially stable(still have debts) ? Most stories I heard from pastors is that they are not still financially ready when they got married.

nomoneyI think no one will be financially ready naman talaga. The guideline is – are you working, is there a steady flow of income, positive ba cash flow, are you living in debt.

Financially can you pull off a wedding, is she willing to stoop down to your financial level.

Your question is it is wise? Of course it is not. Also I think your definition of stability is not how I would define it but to be in debt and starting your marriage in debt is attracting unwanted stress in your first few years.

As a man, you lead. Also doesn’t mean a pastor like me started off the wrong foot, you should follow. Don’t commit the same mistakes people make. Learn from them. You can’t make your pastor be the reason why you started off with debt in your marriage. I think that is poor reasoning and judgment.

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