My Ex’s girlfriend irritates me

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My Ex’s girlfriend irritates me

couple-arguingMy Ex’s girlfriend irritates me. She wants me to totally forget the guy by moving on and not talking to him. She cant understand that we’ve had years together. He tells her and others he did not love me at all just for her to stop. What should I do?

If you want to spare yourself from more heartaches and pain – I advice that you move on. Even if you have had years together, you put your EX in a very awkward situation. As much as he might like to maintain a friendly relationship with, he has to honor the wishes of his girlfriend.

When a man enters into a relationship – he invests emotionally to the girl he is pursuing. Having you in the picture might be a temptation for the man but at the same time it won’t be fair to all parties involved especially you. You don’t want to be caught in the middle in which you are actually in now. He has chosen to be with this girl and it will bring much pain and hurt when you try to maintain a friendship with your EX and see that he is in love with another girl.

I think though I am not sure since I don’t want to judge your emotions, that the reason you are also irritated with your EX’s girlfriend is that you still love your EX and it is really hard to let go of someone whom you loved before.