The King and the Tyrant

Taking Manhood Back

The King and the Tyrant

Men are hardwired to lead. We are made to be kings. Scripture and history gives us pictures of kings. Some are passive kings that abdicated their power and remain passive while others lean on the other side and rule with tyranny.

A tyrant king is a man who rules with an iron fist. He feels he needs to put his weight around to show everyone who is the boss. He usually quotes the verse, Wives submit to your husband because he leads by putting guilt on his wife and kids. A tyrant kings expects the wife to be his maidservant. He demands and he never serves. He sits on his throne and watches the Cable TV. He shouts at his kids who don’t grant his wishes. He is an impatient man.

A tyrant king never guides his kids. He orders them. He strikes his wife, beats her up and exercises male dominion over her. He feels satisfied knowing HE IS THE KING. He is not under authority to Christ or any other authority. He breeds fear because he himself is afraid. Afraid that one day, they would fight back. One day his weakness will be exposed and challenged head on. Peel off the layer of his manhood and what you really see is a coward who picks a fight with people who he knows cannot fight back.

Blog Idea inspired by the book Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart by Stu Weber



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