I Kissed Kissing Goodbye

Taking Manhood Back

I Kissed Kissing Goodbye

Kapag mag boyfriend/girlfriend palang po ba ay pwedeng mag kiss?

Can a boyfriend/ girlfriend engaged in kissing?

What is in a kiss? I think the question is not whether it is a sin to kiss or not. I don’t think kissing per se is a sin. When Thammie and I were engaged we made a decision not to kiss each other on the lips and there was a valid reason behind it.- ME!!!

I think for Thammie, there was no temptation but for MR ELECTRICITY, I knew something bad might bound to happen. I know kissing her might make me move to 2nd, 3rd and then 4th base. It was just too risky. The temptation was too strong for me.

So the question to ask is really: “Is it wise to kiss?” If you are just like me, the answer might be NO.

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