Leading where it matters

Taking Manhood Back

Leading where it matters

Read through 2 Samuel 13-15 this morning and here are some observations I noted: It is actually timely as we vote for the next senators of our land.

1. Amnon rapes his sister Tamar and King David got furious but did nothing.

2. Absalom kills Amnon because he raped Tamar and David tore his robe and wept.

3. David did not speak to Absalom for more than 3 years.

4. Absalom conspired against his father David and David flee.

The story reminds me of a Chinese proverb that says:

“It is harder to lead a family than to rule a nation”

Men, whether single or married, are designed to lead the most important unit in society. A lot of great men, CEOs, heroes, religious leaders, politicians who are successful in their field failed in their most important job which is to lead their family.

One of the things I will look for in voting for this year is how the person running for office is governing and leading his family. A person’s family speaks volumes of his leadership abilities and commitment.