Lessons from Real Steel

Taking Manhood Back

Lessons from Real Steel

I think Real Steel is one of the best movies produced so far this year. It has been quite disappointing that Hollywood have been producing films that lack depth, character and a really great story line but this movie is different.

More than the action and the drama – Real Steel provides us with valuable lessons on fatherhood and manhood. Here are some of the things I took home after watching the movie.

1. The real failure of a father is not when he makes a mistake but when he stops fighting for the relationship.

We will all fail as fathers. There is no such thing as the perfect father. I think our kids understand that. Don’t pressure yourself thinking you need to be perfect and quit because you have not reach perfection. I think that is pride. Many dads quit because they make a mistake – that is being coward. A real man fights for the relationship. Our kids wants us to fight for them. Men, put up a fight and don’t quit on what really matters. I think the principle is also applicable to our wife.

2. Quality time is Quantity time.

The father and son bonded not because they had a 5 minute uninterrupted time. They bonded when they stayed and lived together. You can’t expect a relationship to grow if there is no quantity time. The dad and the son learned to love each other when they spend time together. LOVE is spelled as TIME.

Fathers, spend time with your kids. Tuck them to bed. Read books with them. Bring them out on dates. We only have a small window of opportunity to impart to our kids.

3. Men are Mentors.

Whether we like it or not, we are teachers and mentors. Like father, like son we would usually hear from our dad’s friend. Your life is your curriculum. The movie depicted a lot of scene where the son was just like his father and his father was surprised to see himself in his son. Evaluate your life and see if the lessons you are teaching to your kids are worth emulating. Lessons in manhood is more caught than taught.


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