Taking Manhood Back


When we both started our relationship, we both believe that we were God’s answer to each others prayer but after several months we broke up because he wants to focus in his ministry, family,etc. How do I recognize if the person is really HIS answer to my prayer?

Here is a principle about love that we all must understand. LOVE IS A DECISION. We will never really know if the guy is really God’s answer to your prayer. The only way to know is if the guy would COMMIT and DECIDE to love you for better or for worst, in sickness and in health, till death do you part. In short, the only way you will know if he is the answer is the day both of you decide to say I do in front of God and men and both of you decide to make each other a priority.

As of now, you are not his priority so I encourage you not to hope first and feel that you need to be exclusive with him.

Got questions?