The Chase

Taking Manhood Back

The Chase

We always chase something. Everyday is a chase. They say when you stop chasing, you cease to exist. Life becomes boring and we all die a slow natural death.

But some of the things we chase we need to assess. Should I really chase it with all my heart, soul, mind and strength? When I was a single I did made some chase that made so much sense before but after much thought and also experiences you kind of wonder if it was really worth the chase.


I came from a family of businessmen and women. Money was a hot topic. Everybody was wired, trained and brainwashed to become entrepreneurs in the family. My parents worked really hard in building their financial portfolio. In short, I grew up in an environment where it was business or nothing.

At age 16, I started working. I was chasing the dream. The goal was P100,000 by age 16 and millionaire by the age of 24. I don’t know how I got those numbers but work hard did I. I thought having all the money that I could get would be a worthwhile chase.

Till I lost all my earnings and savings at the age of 21. Almost 80% of all my hard earned money gone with the wind. It made me reassess my relationship with money. Money made me happy for awhile. Having money made me greedy and proud. It wasn’t money’s fault. It was my fault. I have made money my life thus it destroyed me.


Every man is defined by his work. Ask a man how he is doing and he talks about his work. I don’t know why but that is how we were wired by our culture. The bigger the car, house and the more beautiful your wife – the more successful you are. I thought it would escape me when I entered ministry. It did not. It was now who has the more people attending your church or how much money came in for the month.

I have seen so many people get destroyed by success. It eats you up. It makes you think you are somebody because you are successful. Get out of the rat race they say. But once you are out of the rat race, what’s next.

We recently concluded a talk on success and invited some of the most successful personalities in the nation. The story is almost identical, only the name and places change.

We go on a chase. A chase of what we like. We use vision, passion, determination, strategic planning and get what we want. We celebrate for a day or two and we find out the catch well it was good for awhile but it won’t really give me the thrill and adventure I am looking for.

When we chase the things of this world, we will never be content. There is always something we need. We were created to long for adventure and to take Christ out of the adventure would mean the start of BOREDOM and empty pursuits.

Here lies the problem:

Instead of following Jesus, we invite Jesus to follow us.

Instead of serving God’s purpose, we want Him to serve our purposes.

The wildest chase you will ever experience is the chase God. You will never know where it will lead you. It is an adventurous chase that would lead you to dangerous places and circumstances. It is an adventure that will never end. It just gets better and better. You see the chase is not about the finish product but the journey. Jesus talks about eternity a lot of times. Do you ever wonder why?