Where to have a Great First Date? And Money Issues???

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Where to have a Great First Date? And Money Issues???

Any idea where it would be great for a first date?

I think anywhere where you can have a chance to know your date. A coffee shop, a quiet restaurant, a public park. Never ever watch a movie on the first date. It is our job to study our girl.

My boyfriend tells me that if we get married we will equally share all the bills. He happens to be the breadwinner in his family. Even if he gets married, he’ll still provide for his parents. I’m a bit skeptical about the idea. He is very firm on that matter. Any advice?

This is an issue that you have to both agree upon. As boyfriend and girlfriend- it is the right season to talk about matters like these before getting engaged. This is a major issue among couples today.

If you agree with the setup, I see no problem but if you think the setup is not wise, I think you can still make a decision not to continue the relationship. If he is firm on the matter, it means he has already made his decision. Can you respect his decision??? Will you not blame him one day when things are financially tight and he still feels obligated to give to his parents. If your answer is yes, then support your boyfriend. If not, talk and try to weigh the pros and cons of the setup.

PS: It is important for you to share your thoughts about the setup to your boyfriend honestly. Bare your heart out and let your voice be heard before he makes the decision.