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We love each other without any commitment

I decided to leave this guy since he doesn’t want a commitment anyway but after a month he tried to call and text me saying he misses me and all, so we ended back just like before. I really love the guy although he’s still saying na we don’t need to put a label for as long as we’re happy naman. Hindi ko matiis so we get back together coz i’m hoping one day he will realize na ako na. No sex but we kiss. What’s wrong, is it him or me?

I am assuming that you know that something is definitely wrong based on the question you formulated right? So what is wrong???

Here are some possible things that is wrong and that will continue to go wrong:

1. A relationship without commitment.
There is no such thing as a  love relationship without commitment. You might not know it but you are experiencing it. What I mean is that the guy is committed to stay not committed to you because he does not want the level of commitment that would make him commit to you faithfully. He is not committed to you, he just misses you.( answering according to your question)

2. Is it love or something else?
You said you got back with the guy because you can’t stand being without this boy with you who can’t commit. Am I right??? If it is real, pure, genuine love it won’t even have to be this way. Sister, you have a choice. Don’t get into a relationship just because you need it. Don’t make your boy who can’t commit your security blanket.

Once again with my limited knowledge of your relationship, I feel like you are both using each other to fill each other up. I also know that you know what you are getting into. The reason for me being blunt is that I don’t want to see more heartaches in the future because of the wrong decisions we made today.



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