What’s next after I love you?

Taking Manhood Back

What’s next after I love you?

Is it wrong to say “i love you” to your boyfriend/girlfriend in your opinion? I heard in one of the preaching that saying “i love you” to your special someone should be backed-up by marriage and I find it so legalistic.

I think if you take it literally, it is really legalistic. I don’t know if that is what the pastor means. But here is my personal opinion. When I court a girl, I come into courtship with marriage in mind. A man must be thinking about marriage before he even courts a girl. Why? Not because it is the law but because we are men and men are called to lead the relationship.

If a man pursues you without any plan don’t expect to know where the relationship is going. If a man pursues a daughter without a plan, I would have to talk to my daughter to think about it more than a 100x.

The phrase I love you should always be backed up with will you marry means that I have the intention of marrying you. I think that is something every woman wants. Now if you think it is okay for the man to say sweet words and I love you without having a plan to marry you – it is really up to you.