Productive Pinoy ka Ba???

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Productive Pinoy ka Ba???

For the month of November I felt like going local on my book readings so I got a hold of four books written by local Filipino authors. One of the books that impressed me so much that I learned a lot and laughing at the same time was YENG REMULLA’s PRODUCTIVE PINOY: Time Managament, Money and Living a Meaningful Life.

Yeng Remulla’s writing reminds me of Seth Godin, my favorite author. Every page of the book is filled with lessons you can apply practically in everyday living and working. Some of my favorites are:

1. The MYTH of the Work Life Balance.

You can’t separate work and life. You spend 8 hours working, might as well find a work that suits and fits you so that when you go home – you won’t go home drained and tired but energized.

Many people work not to find a living but to die. Sad fact but true. I think Yeng’s take on the work life balance is immensely important.

2. The TOP 10 reasons when PWEDE NA is unacceptable. Meaty stuff here!!!

My friend and financial coach Randell Tiongson enjoyed the chapter on FOCUS. Yeng reminds us and teaches us valuable and practical tips on focusing on work that matters. Dito pa lang sulit na ang bayad mo!!!

For those who are looking for work that matters, people asking what to do with their life, for people who need some serious time management made easy for the Pinoys – this book is for you. So sa mga nagtatanong sa akin sa formspring ng mga practical stuff on work and time – my answer is buy this book!!! You can visit Yeng’s blog site

Book: Productive Pinoy
Author: Yeng Remulla
Release Date: September 15, 2011
Price: Php 395.00
Where to Buy:

  • National Bookstores
  • Powerbooks
  • Fully Booked
  • Central Books
  • New Day Publishing
  • Emerald Headway Distributors
  • For Corporate orders, please email

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