I don’t know how to pursue a girl

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I don’t know how to pursue a girl

I decided to pursue the girl, but I can’t speak or invite her to go out. Would it be okay if I will gave a letter that expresses what I feel for her or is it too forward? BTW we are not friends, we are both strangers but we know each other’s name

You can’t pursue someone without going all out. Pursue is a strong word. It means a girl wants to be pursued. She wants to feel like someone would go all out to win her heart. If you can’t speak to the girl then there is nothing going on. A letter is nice in courtship but to tell your intentions to her through a letter is not too forward. It is too backward.

My suggestion:

1. Befriend her first. Get to know her without any romantic intent. The best foundation of any relationship is friendship.

2. I don’t know if a girl would appreciate having a stranger write her letters. It might even freak her out. I suggest you go and talk to her. Take the risk. It is a part you have to play as a man to lead and initiate.