The Sound of Music

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The Sound of Music

We were given a chance to watch the SOUND OF MUSIC last night at Resorts World Performing Arts Theater. Ever since I was a kid, I have watched the Sound of Music and have deliberately influenced my kids to watch the movie. Last night, as we were watching the play featuring rising star JANINA PUNZALAN, I can’t help but be super glad to see Alyanna and Mika enjoying every minute of it.

Alyanna would always look at me every time the cast of THE SOUND OF MUSIC would sing and flash her beautiful smile. Mika on the other hand would just be laser focus on all the faces of the cast. It was a priceless moment for a dad to see how their kids are super happy and enjoying.

Music plays a big part in our family. Alyanna and Mika could sing for hours at home and Thammie is also a singer. I did try a career on singing but they preferred I do comedies. Music is such a powerful tool for every father to use to educate, bond and create memories with their kids. For dads who can’t sing, you can still play some music at home and dance with your kids. Make sure to be the first man who would dance your daughters.

PS: The Sound of Music is a must see. I was totally amazed at the stage design and the moving background. First time I’ve ever seen a play with that kind of technology. The cast was flawless. Watching it last night relived childhood memories of watching Sound of Music in RPN-9. (hehe).