The Wedding Vow Collection: The Dentist’s Wedding Vow

Taking Manhood Back

The Wedding Vow Collection: The Dentist’s Wedding Vow


 First of all, I want to thank you for the 11 years of having you as my best friend. You have seen my transformation as a boy to a man. Thank you for looking past the ugly and shameful side of me and for choosing to see me as how our creator sees me, someone wonderful, proud worthy and of course handsome!

 From this day forward, in front of our family, our relatives and friends I declare my love and commitment to you. I am fully convinced that it is Gods will for me to marry you and just as God has loved us, I too will love you unconditionally. I give you my life; my time, my money, my body and I give you my name. From now on you will be known not as Lyka Chua anymore but as Lyka, the woman with a long surname. Hehe!


Just as we are called Christians, bearing our Lords name, and with it comes persecution, trials and hardships. That is a risk I am ready to enter with you, as many would say that a married life is not a joke, but I know even that amidst hardships, my love for you will never change. I will be forever faithful, never leaving you and forsaking you. I am ready to share my destiny with you; and it is to my joy to have you be on my side wherever I go, it is my joy to lead you, guide you, provide for you and take care of you. I promise to be always kind to you and to always create a joyful atmosphere even if there will be stressors around. I promise honesty and I will never hide anything from you, you have my trust because I know you are God-sent, my Ezer Kenegdo, my help and my life saver.

 I thank God for giving me a suitable partner, someone who also enjoys going to the beach, enjoying God’s creation, being one with the ocean as we surf, enjoying the breeze that breathes calmness, gazing the beauty of sunset, we think God is so mighty and so awesome every time we look at these things.

But I look at you, and I’d rather look at you than all the wonders of this world.

 Today I am the happiest man on earth as I take you to be my wife, I will love you, honor you, comfort you, forsaking all others, clinging only to you, as long as we both shall live.

 I commit myself to fulfill God’s plan for my life – to provide loving leadership and spiritual covering for you and our children. It is to my honor to co-labor with you in advancing Gods kingdom and to the building of the church, which will start in our home. Our life will never be just about us, but will always about God and loving others, until the day Jesus returns in all His glory.

 As a token of my love, I give you this wedding ring as the sign of my covenant I have made with you today, to love you with an eternal love, as I place it on your hand, and you receive it, you acknowledge that you are no longer your own but mine.