You just got to do it

Taking Manhood Back

You just got to do it

I find it hard to approach the girl whom I like while inside the office, I feel I’m in a boxed where everyone is watching on me. She is busy so I find it hard to ask her out, What should else can I do?

I’m struggling with apathy and laziness. I’ve been praying for it everyday. It’s hard to overcome. What should I do?

Pastor, i have difficulty improving my personality, I’ve read a lot of books about self development but I didn’t get the result even I applied it already. I always ended up being a shy type of person. What should I do?

I just don’t know how to invite a girl to go out with me, I’m scared to ask her face to face.. is there anything I can do besides improving my self confidence?

So many questions can be answered with this statement:

YOU JUST GOT TO DO IT. If you don’t nothing will happen. Men are to be risk takers. Men are to be challenged to get out of their comfort zone. Sometimes you have to stop praying and just do it. We were given the mantle of leadership thus we hold on to God’ grace and move in faith to act like men and just do what is expected of us.