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Act Like a Man does not mean Bashing Gays

It is just sad to see a culture where people get into a frenzy trying to figure out and even conclude somebody is gay as if being a homosexual is a special sin compared to other more respectable sins.


The reason so many people are turned off with “decent people” because instead of loving – we ridicule and bash gay people. The worst part is when people conclude and decide who is gay and who is not gay.

I am not condoning homosexual behavior the same way I don’t condone any other sin. But the number one thing that Jesus despised during his time was people who feel they are righteous enough and they don’t need the grace of God.

The next time anyone feels like broadcasting their thoughts, ¬†whether in social media or traditional media,¬†and self righteous attitude, of (look at him, he is definitely gay and I’m not thus it feeds my self righteous ego), think twice or a hundred times. We are no good apart from the grace of God.

Act like decent men and women and keep the thought to yourself or better yet look at the mirror first.





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