Dumped by a Girl…….

Taking Manhood Back

Dumped by a Girl…….

A guy friend got dumped by a girl who he was courting. It was a surprise to him since the girl seemingly showed interest through her actions. Now he’s really depressed. He even said he’s mad at God for what happened. How to advise?

First rule in courtship, never assume. Whether you are the male or the female – never assume. So many men assume they are liked by the girl but let’s face it, some girls just don’t know how to reject a guy.

Being rejected might be a good reason to be sad but to be depressed about it for a long time is not a healthy sign for your friend. He might have insecurity issues or a wrong perspective about love, identity and his faith in God. To give up on God and worst blame God for the event is unfair.

How to advise??? Well if he is a Christian, bring him back to who is his source of security, love, joy and identity. I think what happened to him just revealed what is in his heart.







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