A very long confusing love question

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A very long confusing love question

I have this guy in my life,whom I really love. And we’re acting like it’s us, but really, it’s not us, yet and everyone around us assumes it’s us.Whenever they ask me or him, we don’t know what to answer since hindi nga po kami. He’s still courting me, at least,that’s what I know. But I already told him I love him months after he told me he loved me. But I have this promise to my parents, they made me promise that I won’t enter into a relationship until I graduate.(which I know in myself,i might break that promise.) They are fully aware, my whole family, that he’s courting me, and they accepted that. But they told me wag muna. I told them the truth, I don’t know how to avoid him, he’s my block mate, seat mate,and we’re getting closer more and more. Though he is fully aware naman po of my promise sa parents ko. Could that be the reason why he’s not yet proposing to me? But the fact that we’re acting like boyfriend-girlfriend now, it seems weird Pastor. Though we are happy, but I don’t want to be in this position.   He’s Catholic, And I’m a Born-again Christian.  Somehow, I know instrument ako ni GOD to make him a better person. And I want him to have a deeper personal relationship with Him. Pastor, naguguluhan po ako. I know there is something wrong with our growing relationship???

There is definitely something wrong with your relationship because I can sense a high level of uncertainty in your relationship and how you are unsure of what is happening in your life. One of the things that I feel (based on your question) is the lack of maturity on your part to enter into a relationship. You have to clearly define the relationship you have with him. Kayo ba talaga o hindi? I think it should be a simple answer unless both of you are in a state of denial.

You both have communicated that you love each other but are you committed to each other? Can he still look at other girls or do you consider yourselves exclusive? Naguguluhan din ako. What is more weightier – the desire of your parents, your desire or God’s desire? Do you think it is wise to enter into a relationship now? Also have you considered that both of you are of different faith which I already blogged about in the previous months – malaking adjustment din kasi yan. Also pease don’t think that you are the instrument that God will use to change him. Only God can change him and sister he might even be going to church not because of Jesus but because of you – to impress you. ( Though I can’t judge his motives, I am just saying)

In the end, wise nga ba itong pinasukan mo or do you have to lay low and wait more and hear from God first before taking it to the next level.


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