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Love Letter for the Woman I love

I started a wedding vow series and chance upon this love letter written by my friend Luis Magalong to Jenny, his wife. So if you have a great love story you want to share to the world – pls email me at dennis2059@gmail.com.

Dear Baby,

Happy 2nd Anniversary! It has been 2 wonderful years in marriage with you. I look forward for more years and decades being with the one I love.

I remember what my mentor told me when I was still young. He said, “Look Coco, someday you’ll marry a girl, who would share your life and not zap the life out of you. You may like her by the looks, by her attitude, by her character, or by her heart. The question is not the “like” things, but what is in your heart”. And then he added, “of all this you must remember marry a girl who believes not in you but in God who makes the best in every marriage”. And so I think I did. I may not have deeply understood the first one, but sure thing I know the latter.

 Easier said than done. To sum it up, I didn’t realize that both must go hand in hand. Sad to admit, I missed the last part back then. I compromised my wholeness, gave in to the evil desires and burned relationships. I was not arrogant in any manner but was selfish from inside. I never valued life under God’s care.

 Until got flushed out, broke and broken. It may have been one of those turning points but I am blessed to encounter God’s grace once again. Grace and faith was the words for me that year of 2008. And then I met you…

 By the end of that year things were changing. 2009’s word is “hope” and then our love story unfolded. And the rest is more than great memories, not because of any matter but because of the love we shared.

 Being married is not easy. I myself expected other things to happen; wonderful events in life would further appear. Smooth marriage is at the corner, and the smells of happy moments are just near. Indeed happy moments were there, but marriage turned out to be the least of what I expected. You know what I am talking about, those sleepless nights, hush and hush, shouting, throwing and arguing. Individual character started to show up. Forceful anticipation emerged, and choices had to be made.

 I never knew marriage until I came face to face. I will never appreciate it if things were so smooth, and I would never know the real thing if I wasn’t there and you weren’t there as well. As they said, it is a process. An ongoing process of making choices of holding on, working on, and living on. I am still blessed to know that we are making them and promised to live by them.

 I may not be the best husband for you, but for me you have been the best one. A prize I don’t deserve. A prayer that should not been answered and a gift that should not been addressed to me. For that baby, thank you.

 I would not have been in my best if it weren’t for you. The sacrifices you made, the understanding and support you laid, and the unconditional love you gave.

 Honestly, I have no idea to return those deeds. But one thing is for sure; I now live my married life not because of what I “like” but because of what you’d done to move my heart. Now, I have a better understanding of what it is that my mentor is sharing.

 I signed my covenant with God and with you 2 years ago, and I will sign it again and again and again. I love you so much and will always will.



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