How do you reject a girl???

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How do you reject a girl???

How do u reject a girl na constantly pursuing me? It’s clear naman sa kanya na ayoko since were students and were not of same faith. But she keeps texting, calling and saying sweet stuffs. I don’t want to make another girl cry. What should I do?

pogiWow ha!!! First of all thank you for your honesty. I think you have been making a lot of girls cry basing on your question.

If a girl is flirting with you, I think as a man, you need to protect her by telling her that you just want to remain friends and that you don’t see yourself being with her but do this in the most gentlemanly way.

Secondly, be careful how you act. Sometimes kasi we drop hints and also flirt with people who flirts with us. I am not saying you are doing this but be very careful. When she text you, do you text back?? When she calls, do you answer?? When she says sweet stuff, do you entertain it??? Sometimes we fuel the flirtation that happens so make sure not to even give a HINT of liking with the girl. I think this also applies to all the ladies reading this.

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