Three Kinds of Marriages

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Three Kinds of Marriages

They say there are three kinds of marriages.

1. Back to Back Marriages.

These are couples who have turned their backs on each other. As a result they don’t work together (shoulder to shoulder) or draw each other out in friendship (face to face). In back to back marriages, couples are either strangers or enemies.

2. Shoulder to Shoulder Marriages

The marriage is characterized by work. A couple works together on tasks and projects like home management, budgeting, child raising and serving the church. Friendship is limited to shared activities and rarely are there intimate times to talk to each other. Most men have shoulder to shoulder friendship with other men thus it is important for the wife to have shared activities with their husband.

3. Face to Face Marriages

In addition to the shoulder to shoulder work, the couple gets a lot of face to face time for conversation, friendship and intimacy. Women’s friendship tend to be face to face and is built around intimate conversations. Thus husband needs to spend TIME with his wife and listen to her and learn how to have intimate conversations.

Ideas and thoughts taken from Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together