Good to Great Marriages

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Good to Great Marriages

Finally the marriage seminar Pastor Tito and I are cooking up is finished. For the first time after, Pastor Tito and I will be tag- teaching on how you can have a GREAT MARRIAGE and not just a good marriage. Good marriages are boring. You ask someone how there day was and most of the time they would say – it’s good which really means nothing interesting is happening. Same goes with marriage. You ask a typical couple how their marriage is and most of the time you get the same answer – it’s good ( which also means it is BORING!!!!)

Why settle for boring good when you can have an exciting GREAT marriage. This coming February 16 and 23, Tito and I will be teaching on “THE REAL CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE”.

If you want

– to develop an exciting marriage

– create intimacy in marriage like you’ve never experienced before

– get to the heart of why great marriages still exists today even if most of the marriage stories you hear are plain boring

– to know how a real Christian message looks like

Then join us for the next two Thursdays starting next week. This is open to all couples interested to move from a good to great marriage or even those who have a bad marriage and want to make it great!!!

For details and reservations, please call our office 02-5841212/ 02-2167166 or email Registration is P700 per couple.

For discount: if you would register as a group of 3 couples, you only pay P500.