The Holding Hands

Taking Manhood Back

The Holding Hands

The first time I was able to hold the hands of my wife was when I was courting her. We were crossing the street of Luneta and I offered to hold her hand and she responded by holding mine. I could remember the feeling of that first time I hold her hand. ELECTRICITY!!!

I thought to myself, this is LOVE!!! To be able to hold somebody’s hand. I could not shake off the feeling. I wanted it to last. I think I’ve even prayed prayers that until we grow old, the feeling of electric currents traveling through my body would remain.

After 7 years of marriage, I still hold her hand but the electricity is gone. Why?

I believe it has been replaced with something far better. Looking back eight years ago when I first hold her hand, the feeling I felt was not really love but excitement. Excitement that somebody would dare hold my hand. Excitement that there is this beautiful girl I could walk around with to beef up my ego. I got the beautiful girl!!!! I was excited about the concept of falling in love and of holding someone’s hand aside from my mother. It wasn’t really love for Thammie, it was excitement for MYSELF!!!

Almost every night for the past 7 years, Thammie holds my hands as she sleeps. It has been her way of trying to fall asleep. On our date nights, she would hold my hands and I feel a deeper and richer meaning to our holding hands. Why you ask again?

Because after 7 years of marriage, some good days and some bad days – she still chooses to hold my hand. After quitting her dream of becoming a doctor to marry a pastor, she still holds my hand. After fights that was caused because of my pride and insecurities, she still chooses to hold my hand. After making some decisions that was selfish in nature and detrimental to our marriage and family, she still holds my hand.

Today, we hold hands. It is a RICH experience. It cannot even be compared to the electricity I felt the first time I hold her hands. The first time was about ME. Today, it is about us.



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