Movie Review: The Descendants

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Movie Review: The Descendants

Some of you might be wondering that I am into movies lately but I was recently tasked to write movie reviews as a service in exchange for free movie tickets. Thus when I started calculating I am saving really a lot of date money and to do movie reviews is also a joy.

For this week, Thammie and I chose the movie Descendant starring George Clooney.

The Synopsis: With Matt King (George Clooney)’s wife Elizabeth on life support after a boating accident, Hawaiian land baron Matt King takes his daughters on a trip from Oahu to Kauai to confront the young real estate broker, who was having an affair with Elizabeth before her misfortune.

Here are some thoughts about the movie.

1. The sad plight of the next generation.

They say movie depicts the culture we live in today and seeing how the daughters of Matt King were portrayed in the film was really sad. From the disrespect and dishonoring of authorities, to the traumatic experiences that sad/broken marriages have brought upon the next generation, it makes me really want to invest more time with my wife and kids.

2. Only do what only you can do.

Elizabeth felt like her marriage was boring – so she goes and finds a man to fill her up. It is a pathetic reason for adultery but at the same time it shouldn’t have gone to that point where the wife feels that her husband is not fulfilling her needs.

Matt King because of his business forgot about his wife and kids and he is paying the price. Matt has to understand, just like any husband, that there are some things you can’t delicate like loving your wife like a husband does, like a father leading his family, like a man taking care of the home front. Only do what only you can do. You can’t delegate your marriage to another man.

3. Trial either makes or breaks the family.

The redemptive side of the movie was how Matt King started spending time with her daughters. A father has a gift that he cannot under estimate – HIS FATHERHOOD. Yup, fathers = fatherhood. Daughters are longing for their father’s love. DOn’t give it and they go look for it somewhere else.


1. Not a really great date movie. You could wait for the dvd to have it rented out.
2. It is an eye opener to how marriage and families are so for those who love feel good movies – not this one.
3. Shailene Woodley who played the daughter of George in the movie was a revelation. My wife loved her acting.
4. Movie is rated PG13 – a lot of foul language, some sexy scenes because of the beach outfit, issues discussed in the movies are quite heavy for 13 years old unless they are going through the same stuff in their family.

My rating: 2/12 out of 5 stars