Passion, Blogging and Bloggers

Taking Manhood Back

Passion, Blogging and Bloggers

I was given a chance to accompany my wife to Hong Kong Disneyland and was very blessed to have met fellow bloggers who are game changers in the blogging world here in the Philippines. It was interesting to hear stories and tips from bloggers who have widened their influence in the blogsphere.

It has always been a personal dream to gather fellow like-minded bloggers who would blog about the topic of manhood and how we can help influence, shape and inform all the men out there on how to love God,  their wives, their families, their girlfriends, their body, and the other blessings that Jesus gives them. The reason I started blogging about manhood was that after reading the book “CRUSH IT” by Gary Vernachuk. In that book, he shared his passion on wine and he just blogged away. One of the main thoughts of the book was: ” What is one thing you are passionate about and that you can talk about over and over again and not get tired?” Well, mine is manhood thus the birth of this blog and the other is about CHURCH, DISCIPLESHIP and the GOSPEL 

So here are some of the bloggers I met during the trip in Hong Kong and hopefully you guys can visit their site also and learn from their passions.

1. Beyond Toxicity–  Doc Gelo’s blog.

His blog,  is basically about giving reverence to life’s simple pleasures : FAMILY, FOOD and FUN.

This blog documents mostly the priceless moments I share with my family- Tina and Gabby. Posts are taken from our simple pleasures to our daily hassles. From our dining adventures on our own table to various fascinating food places. It also chronicles our few travels and other interesting things in between.

2. Shoot First, Eat Later – Leslie’s blog.

You have to love Leslie’s blog about food. Listening to her talk about food makes me want to change my passion.

Okay the next two bloggers are fashion bloggers. Interesting stuff though not applicable to me but would definitely be applicable to your ladies.

3. Break My Style – Laureen Uy’s blog

Laureen is a fashion blogger/ actress from the famous series ” MY BINONDO GIRL”/ Stylebreak co-owner. Well what can I say, she has a really good fashion sense. I think I need more of that.

4. Kryzuy – Kryz’s Uy blog

After meeting fashion bloggers like Kryz, I was wondering if there are famous male fashion bloggers catering to men’s fashion.

5. The Pinay Solo Backpacker – Gael’s blog

Gayle is such an amazing person. Her love for traveling is contagious. Ang sarap ng travel blogging. Going to a different country always gives you a different perspective. I was in Disneyland when two European girls were talking about how cheap the food was in Hongkong Disneyland. So I started calculating using my Filipino Calculator and wanted to disagree. I was reminded of how we complain about high food cost in our country but in reality we are enjoying the same food at a lower price.

6. Wife, Mom, Me – Thammie’s blog

What can I say? One of the regular blogs that I read because of the content and the lessons I am learning from my wife. I super appreciate her for her wisdom and insights. Most of my talks are based on the insights she shares. So if you see something worth taking notes in my blog, you have to thank her.




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