Standard of Beauty

Taking Manhood Back

Standard of Beauty

As men, we are wired to be very visual. They say the first thing that attracts a man to a woman is the beauty that he sees in her. I think this is true for every man who married his wife. He started by seeing the beauty of his wife. His standard of beauty is his wife. I think that is why marriages in the first few years starts really strong.

When we were courting our girl – there were no other girls who can compare to her. She is the definition of beauty. It doesn’t even matter if the prom queen was in front of you – you wouldn’t even notice because your girl is your standard of beauty. And I think it needs to remain that way.

As men and as a husband, your spouse is your standard of beauty. If your wife is thin, then you are into thin people. If she gains weight then you are into women who gained weight. If she is short, then you are into short people. When her face wrinkles- then you are into girls with wrinkled faces.

Your wife is your standard of beauty.