Best Foot Forward

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Best Foot Forward

It has always been an unwritten rule with men to put our best foot forward when pursuing (courting). We want everything to be perfect. Why not? Of course, we want to impress the lady. But I got a very good reminder from a friendly conversation with a pastor last weekend. He gave some simple yet timely advices when it comes to pursuing someone. Let me share two of them here:



1.You are not perfect, allow her to see your flaws.

2. She is not perfect either, allow her to show you her own flaws.

Do you tend to freak out when things don’t go according to how you planned it? Loosen up! Let her know that sometimes things are just beyond your control, then laugh about it. Dating does not always mean going to expensive restaurants, show her that you can have fun in fast food joints just the same. When conversing, let her see the real side of you: if you laugh loud, go! Relate to each other how best friends would do. When we are so caught up with impressing the lady we forget to be real sometimes. It gives her a false impression of who you are that ends up in wrong expectations.

Give her room to make mistakes too. Don’t be blind about her weaknesses, try to see them and then learn to look past them- or better, complement them. Men and women must be suitable helpers of each other. Her weakness can be your strength, try to build each other up.

In the end of this season, both of you should have at least have an idea of each of your bests and worsts. Loving each other beyond these flaws is what will take you to the next level of your relationship.



Val Baguios III is an IT Service Desk shift supervisor working in IOM (International Organization for Migration). One of his passions is discovering and sharing the vast wisdom that can be taken from the Bible and applying it on how we do work daily in the corporate world. You can visit his site Broken Mindset is driven by this truth, that if we renew our mindsets, the way we think and the way we approach things- not according to “worldly” standards but by the truth of God’s word- then, we become transformed individuals. Individuals who can rise up and make a difference- because that is what we are called to do.


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