Delaying a Decision

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Delaying a Decision

In his book Entreleadership, finance guru and talk-show host Dave Ramsey covers everything you will likely face as a business leader. Yet the principles he share are for everyone, even those who are not in business.

He gives some advice on Making Decisions.

He says that sometimes good decision making can mean deciding to be “Passively Active.” Deciding not to decide right now is a decision. That is different from being paralyzed by fear.

Decide not to decide while you are angry. Sometimes we decide not to decide until we have more information, or decide not to decide while we are tired or fearful.


Jayson Lo is a businessman, speaker and the author of the book “YOUNIQUE”. He also actively serves as a lead pastor in Victory Greenhills, a thriving church in the city of San Juan. For more of his thoughts and insights on success, business and leadership, visit his site Jayson will be a contributing blogger in Act Like a Man.