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Okay, if there was one restaurant last year that I have frequented – it’s D’ ORIGINAL MAKIHAUS. Let me share to you why I keep coming back.

Reason #1: The HOT SHRIMP SALAD.

When you order this, what you get is a lot of shrimp!!! Haay, favorite ko talaga ang shrimp and to have a dish that is literally full of shrimp is heavenly. Nagutom na ako while blogging this….

Reason #2: Maki-Mi

Since I was six years old, the maki-mi has been a comfort food. Reminiscing my TUTUBAN days, I would crave for Maki-Mi and glad that I could eat it again at D’ Original Maki Haus. Guys look at the maki soup dripping from the spoon. AAARRGHH!!! By the way a lot of Filipinos don’t know that this soup exists. When I say Maki-Mi they think about California Maki but I guarantee once you taste this Maki-Mi, there is no question FOOKIEN MAKI is better than CALIFORNIA MAKI.

Reason 3: Oyster Cake

What do you get when you mix eggs, oyster and the secret recipe of Maki Haus – the golden oyster cake.

Reason #4: Sweet and Sour Pork

I have made it a goal not to eat pork except when I visit Maki Haus. I don’t know why but I feel like the Sweet and Sour Pork cooked to fried perfection then mixed with the sweet and sour sauce is too tempting.

Reason #5: Kikiam

Kikiam is the perfect combination for the Maki Haus Salted Fish Fried Rice. I also always take home a kikiam when I visit there.

Reason #6: Cheap food, Great Food.

Average viand ordered in Maki Haus is less than P200. You must be kidding me right? NO!!! With P1000 I could order 4 viands with their classic black gulaman. Four orders = a family of six to eight. Now that is a steal!!!

After writing this blog, I think I need my fix of MAKI HAUS.

D’ Original Maki Haus
683 Banawe Street, Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 411-8767

 59 Sct. Tobias St. Quezon City.

They also deliver, just call 411-87-67; 666-14-68

FB Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/D-Original-Maki-Haus-Restuarant/204026734717

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