Game Face On

Taking Manhood Back

Game Face On

There is such a great temptation to be laxed as a man in the house. You might have all the valid reasons.

– tired from work

– stressed from thinking too much about the family’s finance

– used up all your words for the day.

But the same way you can’t afford not to invest on your daddy dates, you can’t afford to be passive at home. I have had friends who had dads at home but it seems they never connected because there was no effort on the dad’s part to connect with the kids.

In GARY SMALLEY’S AND JOHN TRENT’S ¬†book THE HIDDEN VALUE OF A MAN, they underlie the difference a father has on his sons and daughters. Do not underestimate your impact on your kid’s life. You can either have a positive impact or a negative impact.

A dad who chooses to commit adultery chooses to hurt and destroy his wife and kids. And it doesn’t really matter if he says he loves them – the actions says otherwise.

A dad who chooses to not lead his family chooses to show a path for their kids to model and follow.

A dad who chooses to love and invest on his kids, communicates love and responsibility.

So men, put your game face on!!!