On Getting your Girlfriend Pregnant and similar stuffs…

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On Getting your Girlfriend Pregnant and similar stuffs…

What should a real man do if they got a girl pregnant? Is it offering marriage? How about if it’s just a one night stand then? Is getting a woman pregnant out of marriage, reason enough to marry her?

I think I wouldn’t agree with how you framed your question. First a real man would not get a girl pregnant and won’t even think of one night stands.  A real man respects his girl. He values the girl as God’s creation and daughter. He does not treat women as sex toys. He chooses to wait after the wedding day to have sex with his girl. But for this question’s sake, what would a man do if he gets a girl pregnant?

1. Take responsibility for his actions. 

You got the girl pregnant then at least provide financially and support the girl emotionally at this time of her need even if he doesn’t love her. Men should provide 100% of the babies need from milk, diapers to hospital bills. The man should also be in the side of the girl when she gives birth and in the formative years of the child. I am not saying they should live in together but be there and try to work out a sensible plan.

Marriage might not be the best decision at this time especially if the guy has no ways to financially provide for the family. Don’t add more to the girl’s problem by getting her married to an irresponsible guy. The guy must start thinking about the future and be more strategic with his finances and leadership. If he loves the girl – then marry her when he has a stable job and could provide leadership emotionally and financially.

Now if the guy does not love the girl – don’t even think about marriage. It would just quadruple the stress and the problems but do fight for your right to have the man provide financially for the baby’s need.
2. Repent and resolve to remain pure and respect each other sexually.

Men who gets a girl pregnant outside of marriage is being irresponsible. But I am not just saying the men gets all the blame. Well they get 90% of the burden and the blame but the girl must acknowledge her part also in this and they must come to God and repent of their actions and commit to stay pure and make the marriage bed pure.
I know of friends who committed the same thing but are now experiencing a great marriage because they have learned from their mistakes. The grace of God is available for everyone who had committed a similar sin.

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