A Great Priceless Gift

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A Great Priceless Gift

One of the priceless gift we can give our kids is the love for learning. Give them the love for learning and I don’t even have to worry about schooling, tuition fees and lack of quality education.

We live in an information age. To even complain about the lack of materials to learn a certain craft or skill is absurd. In fact we are overloaded with knowledge and we have access to great minds every day because of the internet.

The challenge is how to sift the real knowledge and the junk available.

For the past months since January, we noticed how Alyanna would be sitted in a corner for an hour reading books. We were surprised with her enthusiasm for reading. I thank God for a wife who have pushed my kids to love learning. Here are some parental tips on how we can make our kids love learning.

1. Make everyday experience a learning moment. 

It means don’t just go to the zoo. Discuss the names, qualities, shapes and information about the animal.

It means while eating out, study what are the go, grow and glow foods.

It means while stuck in traffic, we can discuss about traffic rules, policemen, authorities and have a debate on how to solve Metro’s traffic.

2. Invest in books.

Instead of buying toys, try investing more on books. Surround your house with books. Books in the bedroom, in the comfort room, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the sofa.

Also show your kids that you also read books and love books.

Note on the IPAD apps. With the avalanche of educational apps, I still recommend real books. Alyanna gets more from reading books than educational apps in IPAD. (just my humble opinion).