Jealous Type Men

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Jealous Type Men

Nung hindi pa Kayo ni Mam Thammie, at nanliligaw ka palang at may nanliligaw din sa kanya. May time po ba na Sobrang Selos ka? (kung Meron) Panu nyo po na Overcome?

This question brought back memories of my immaturity as a man but I felt that I had to go through this phase to expose what was really in my heart. Confession time: I AM THE JEALOUS TYPE but I am relying more and more on God’s grace and my wife’s undying commitment to be secure in our relationship.

One of our major disagreement in our first year of marriage was because I was jealous and insecure. They say being jealous is a sign of love. Well yes and no. If your jealousy is based on your love may be yes but if your jealousy is based on your insecurity then it is not a healthy thing.

Men, we have to first deal with our insecurities. When we are certain that our spouse or our fiancee is committed to us, I think there is no need to be jealous. Thammie would often emphasized to get into my thick insecure head that she has chosen to marry me because she was committed to me and no one else.

On another note though, if your girl is playing with fire, and you would have to be objective to discern this, be a helpful friend by pointing it out to her as a friend and as a partner who is committed to her. Don’t correct her for your sake but for her sake.