The Mandela Effect

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The Mandela Effect

Nelson Mandela was an activist and wanted change to happen in Africa. In 1964, he was convicted of conspiracy and sabotage and sentence to life imprisonment. For some of us, this might be the end of our life. We have fought the good fight but in the end fail. Not with Nelson Mandela.

After 27 years of captivity, in 1990, at the age of 71, Mandela was released. He had every reason to become a dangerous wanted man again but instead he accelerated the peaceful reinvention of his nation.

What inspired Mandela to go the route of peace with utmost intensity to achieve peace? ¬†Although history supports Mandela’s noble intentions, he did not start in the way of peace and made some mistake that caused him 27 years of his life. He didn’t had the grace, humility and servant leadership when he started before he started his long walk to freedom and I think this is something that we can learn from Mandela.

The Mandela effect is when you can create enduring success not because you are perfect or lucky but because you have the courage to do what matters to you.  

Idea taken from the book, Success Built to Last: Creating a Life That Matters


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