Operation Trim Down

Taking Manhood Back

Operation Trim Down

My friend and DJ Tom Arellano has been encouraging me big time with his documentation of his operation TRIM DOWN. He is now on his 6th day of exercise and healthy eating. I am on my 4th day of exercise and a little bit of eating healthier. I was supposedly not exercise today since my body is sore from 4  days of running and lifting weights but was moved by the pictures of Tom so I decided to run tonight.

Here is a note about exercise.

The hardest thing is not the exercise but the drive and discipline to exercise. It is easier not to exercise. It requires no effort at all. The battle begins not during exercise but before exercise. Once you have decided to exercise – go!!!

You will then realize after you exercise how you feel good about exercising. You feel energized and ready to face another day.

It is same with food. Eating healthy is not exciting. Eating fries and fried food is but then after binging you feel lousy and unhealthy. But when you eat the right food – you once again have to talk to yourself and motivate yourself but once you eat healthy – you realize how it feels good to eat healthy. Healthy food energizes you. It beats any coffee.

So why did I blog this? It is just a note to self. Exercise Dennis – it feels good.

And Tom keep the good fight of fat and faith!!!

Also let this video inspire you. A 73 year old man still doing chin ups.