My Boyfriend wants to keep the relationship a SECRET

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My Boyfriend wants to keep the relationship a SECRET

Two common questions in my formspring that I’ll answer:

I have a boyfriend, we’re both Christians and we’ve been best friends as everyone knows for a long time. but now, he doesn’t want others even our parents to know about it (our relationship), because he thinks it’s not yet time. Should I still convince him?

What if my boyfriend doesn’t want to tell our parents about our relationship? It’s because he thinks it’s too early to tell them, but I already want our parents to know so we can be open to each other.

Dear Secret Girlfriend,

I’ll keep this answer short and straight.

If a guy can’t show the world who he loves- then I don’t know what you can expect from this guy in the future. If he cannot say to people close to him the girl he chooses to love then don’t expect things to change in the future.

Look for a guy who would fight for you, who would not be ashamed to show the world the girl whom he loves.

Just my personal opinion, the guy is not worth it.



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